Running parallel with the launch of the “Coonoisseur” TVC during the 2010 Commonwealth Games broadcast, Dot Dot Dash were charged with the task of creating an experiential component that appealed to the Coonoisseur in everyone.

So what is a Coonoisseur? A Coonoisseur is a connoisseur of Coon Cheese. They love their Coon and hold dear the values that the brand represents. A Coonoisseur is informal, relaxed, inclusive, casual and genuine. A Coonoisseur is more interested in spending time with family and friends than impressing strangers. A Coonoisseur is irreverent in the great Aussie larrikin tradition, they’re always down to earth, and they know great tasting cheese.

Our vehicle? The Coon Toastie Caravan

Our hero? The Coon Toastie